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February 9, 2017

MetOcean Consultancy


We provide tailor made consultancy related to marine weather and ocean environment.
We can answer the following questions for you: 
How much work can be done in a certain area during winter vs. summer?
What weather conditions and weather windows can you expect?
Are the wave conditions suitable for your vessel?
Should you upgrade the vessel in order to handle higher waves?

Customized forecast, hind cast and advice to marine projects are offered along with specialized risk analysis reports.
A MetOcean consultancy report will be tailored to your individual requirements, focusing on the parameters that are most important, so that you can confidently plan structural designs or marine operations and thus reduce expensive operational down-time.
Here you can read about a report we have made for an offshore wind farm operator.

Click here to watch a short video about our MetOcean Consultancy service.

How to request MetOcean Consultancy
To request our MetOcean Consultancy, please fill in the Contact form or simply write to 
Please add as much relevant information as possible in order for us to give you the best and most precise offer.