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February 9, 2017

Offshore Weather Service


Our extensive experience in the offshore industry makes Vento Maritime’s founders and employees experts in the field of marine weather forecasting services. We work in collaboration with the world’s largest offshore wind developer to develop our services. Our flexibility also allows for custom-made solutions, taking into account individual needs and communication limitations.
We are experts in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Irish Sea and the Greenlandic waters, but are also able to provide most of our services globally. Please contact us for further information.

The MetOcean forecast data is based on the high-quality models from the Danish Meteorological Institute. The DMI models are verified and validated on a regular basis. For further information on the MetOcean data quality, please find more here.

Click here to watch a short video about us and our Offshore Weather Service.

Our Offshore Weather Services are provided for:

  • Offshore wind farms under construction
  • Offshore wind farms in operation
  • Cable laying and dredging
  • Rig moves and oil & gas platforms
  • Towage operations
  • Offshore decommissioning operations
  • Ship to ship operations
  • Other weather-sensitive operations

MetOcean forecast data web portal
The Marine Forecast Service web portal is a password protected web site hosted and provided by DMI, which has high resolution numerical atmospheric and oceanographic models from DMI as its data basis. With this service, detailed weather information are available for specific locations.
The forecast graphs, tables and charts are updated four times a day and the data is available in hourly resolution the first 48 hours.
Click here to watch a short video about our Marine Forecast Service web portal.

Site Forecast and Transit Forecast (written forecast)
Site and Transit Forecasts are carefully prepared written forecasts, including the synoptic situation in terms of lows, highs and fronts, comments regarding confidence level of the forecast and remarks regarding relevant weather conditions according to the operation or transit criteria.
This kind of forecast is beneficial both for sites like an OWF or vessels in transit.
The duty marine forecaster will be up to date with the operational progress and will adjust the written comments accordingly. All written forecasts will be distributed via email.

Reference list for experience with OWF construction or O&M

How to request Offshore Weather Service
To request our Offshore Weather Service, please fill in the Contact form or simply write to 
Please add as much relevant information as possible in order for us to offer you the most suitable services.